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ITP Core I Greenbaum and Joseph Fall 2009
ITCP 70010 HISTORY, THEORY AND PRACTICE OF Teaching, Learning and Technology

Part I: Teaching and learning experiences
9/3 (JG) Learning environments:
Proshanksy (article on GC architecture)
proshansky .pdf
Bass, Engines of Inquiry, see

9/10 (GJ) Digital natives
Video: “Frontline Report: The Generational Divide”
Hayles “Deep and Hyper Attention: The Generational Divide in Cognitive
Modes” pdf
9/17 (JG) Experience
Dewey: Education and Experience (book)

9/24 (GJ) Ways of thinking and learning
Goleman, Social Intelligence pp. 3-101

10/1 (JG +GJ) Active learning and teaching
Huber, Hutchings, The Advancement of Learning, Chap. 1, pdf
Hayles, Posthuman, pp. xi-xiv; 1-83; 283-291

10/8 Guest lecture and discussion in Martin Segal theater

open source software/ethics and issues

see announcements for readings

Part II: Technologies ‘R us
10/15 (JG) History of interacton

Dourish, Chap. 1 , Fundamentals of Embodied Interaction pdf

Manovich, Chap. 1 What is new media + ch 2 The Interface (website)

Kern, The Culture of Time and Space, Intro & Chap. 1 pdf
Kurzweill, timeline from The Age of the Spirtual Machines (one page handout)

10/22 (JG) Technology as experience
McCarthy and Wright, Technology as Experience, Chap. 1 & Chap. 3
“A pragmatist approach to technology as experience” from book

10/29 (GJ) Futures
Haraway, Modest Witness@ Second Millennium pp. 1-48; 267-274

11/5 Presentations and Paper I

Part II: Mediated Experiences: Putting it all together

11/12 (GJ) Fiction
Richard Powers, Plowing the Dark (fiction)

11/19 (JG) Academic Labor and working conditions (with guest )
see  selected Readings page on this website for 2 pdf selections

Bousquet, Marc How the University works (08)
Greenbaum, Joan, Windows on the workplace (04) (see pdf)
Johnson , Kavanagh, Mattson,(eds) Steal this University (03)
Aronowitz, Stanley The Knoweldge Factory (00)
Washburn, Jennifer, University Inc. (05)
Slaughter and Rhoades, Academic Capitalism and the new economy (04) (see pdf)

12/3 Gaming (with guest Kimon Keramidas/ Bard Graduate Center)

James Gee, What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy (2003) pdf for chaps 1-4 posted on Readings.

Ch. 1 (Introduction)

Ch. 2 (Is Playing Video Games a “Waste of Time”?)

Ch. 3 (What Does It Mean to Be a Half Elf)

Ch. 4 (Situated Meaning and Learning)

Let the games begin: Gaming technology and college students (Pew Research Report)

(Read all four sections)

Game-Based Learning: How to Delight and Instruct in the 21st Century


12/10 ‘Fifteen Minutes to Frame’

Please see the Forum to sign up for a discussion slot–the idea is that everyone (including those of you auditing) will present for discussion some ideas–best done in groups of themes, based on similar project, ideas, theories, or whatever you choose.

12/17 Joint ‘ 15 minutes to frame’ discussion continued
Contacting Us:

Office hours before class on Thursdays: 5-6:30 and by appointment

Joan Greenbaum office 6304.25
Gerhard Joseph

Texts to be bought (or borrowed):

Dewey, Experience and Education, Touchstone.1 938, 1997

Daniel Goleman, Social Intelligence. The New Science of Human Relationships
Basic Books, 2006.

N. Katherine Hayles, How We Became Posthuman:Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Litereature, and Informatics. U. of Chicago, 1999.

Donna Haraway, Modest Witness@Second Millennium. FemaleMan Meets Oncomouse. Routledge, 1997.

McCarthy, J. and P. Wright, 2004, Technology as experience, MIT Press,

Richard Powers, Plowing the Dark. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000.

Suggested books:

Bousquet, Marc, How the University Works. NYU Press, 2008.

Dourish, P. 2001, Where the Action is: the foundations of emboided interaction, MIT Press.