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Welcome and a Reminder

’15 Minutes to Frame’

Can’t seem to logon to our Forum this morning so here’s the post Joan asked me to put up…

Charlie Edwards and I will be “framing” a discussion for 12/17 related to the tools Charlie introduced for text annotation and analysis during her mini-project presentation last month, and my attempts to integrate them into a . . . → Read More: ’15 Minutes to Frame’

Kasey’s video for presentation

I’ve been thinking about what skills are learned or developed when playing non-educational video games. And whether these skills can be transferred to a real world application.

These are two videos I found on YouTube showing two different video games.  The first is Grand Theft Auto, the second is Saw.  If you could watch . . . → Read More: Kasey’s video for presentation


Designing engaging interactive environments special New media lab event Fri Nov. 6 1-2:30 . . . → Read More:


Like Kasey I’m testing this Post section of the blog.  Here is one of the images I think about when I think about mediated technologies.  Where and when are we when we are absorbed/engaged/involved/ in a book/website/screen/email/ipod?

Testing 123

I think we are all official authors now!  If this works it could be a good place to post mini projects as there is the capability to add media (image, video, audio).