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’15 Minutes to Frame’

Can’t seem to logon to our Forum this morning so here’s the post Joan asked me to put up…

Charlie Edwards and I will be “framing” a discussion for 12/17 related to the tools Charlie introduced for text annotation and analysis during her mini-project presentation last month, and my attempts to integrate them into a wiki site I’m developing for my blended course on the ancient world.

Any individual, pairing, or group who wants to reserve a spot for either 12/10 or 12/17, please add your comment to this post summarizing your plans and choosing your date to present — Drew

2 comments to ’15 Minutes to Frame’

  • On 12/17/09 I’d like to talk about how I’m using not just to check for plagiarism, but as a digital portfolio and a tool to help students find their voice when writing and balancing direct textual quotes. There is also a peer critiquing option which I am investigating which I hope to share.

  • I’d like to sign up for 12/17…I hope to show the progress I’ve made on my writing pedagogy site and perhaps talk about/rate different electronic peer review options.