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Huber, Hutchings, et al. The Advancement of Learning, Chap. 1 survey of t & l

Dourish, Where the Action is, Chap. 1 Where The Action Is

Kern, The Culture of Time and space, Intro and Chap. 1 Kern

Coleman, Gabriella, “Code is Speech, Legal Tinkering, Expertise, and Protest Among free and Open source software Developers” Coleman

Manovich, Lev The Language of New Media, see Chap. 2 “the Interface” pp. 75-111 (see Lev Manovich pdf link from Google search–the whole file is too large to download here–and you only need to read the second chapter, but you might come back and read other bits if you find it interesting)

McCarthy, J. & P. Wright, Technology as Experience, McCarthy & Wright – Technology as Experience; (here is chap. 3–the meat of his arguments about pragmatism; please buy or borrow the book however to read the rest)

re Haraway: Clough, Patricia “The work of Donna Haraway”, Found Object, CUNY, 2000. Clough

re Haraway: George Levine, “The Narrative of Scientific Epistemology,” from *Dying to Know* (U. of Chicago, 2002). The Narrative of Scientific Epistemology

Schivelbusch, The Railway Journey, Schivelbusch

Jeffrey Williams (for Richard Powers’ book Plowing the Dark) Williams

re Gaming:  Gee, James, What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy (2003)  Gee_chapter1_3, Gee_chap4

re Academic Labor:  Greenbaum, Joan, Windows on the workplace (04) Greenbaum

re Academic labor:  Slaughter and Rhoades, Academic Capitalism and the New Economy, (04) Slaughter_Rhoades